Maven and Docker, some thoughts...

[TL;DR] Various strategies are available when using Docker-based Integration test in the Java development lifecycle. This article describes and compares a Maven-centric strategy and a more loosely coupled one. Integration tests with Docker is a dream come true. For years, I have been struggling to get hold of Test Environments where I could validate my software. But now Docker makes it easy and cheap. Further, it allows validation on near Production configuration. »

Spring refactoring of the Captain's shack

[TL;DR] Ansible roles are powerful to turn features on or off. The site’s monolithic master Docker-compose doesn’t lend itself for that. This article describes the script’s refactoring to solve this. The best way to prevent tampering on an Internet facing server is to rebuild it regularly. And the only efficient way to do it is the scripted way. From day one, the “Captain’s Shack” server has been configured with Ansible so that the server can be regularly reinitialised. »

Needed a survey. Easy peasy with Docker.

[TL;DR] Docker allowed me to quickly evaluate and run a complex setup. This article describes this experience. Begin November, I gave a Docker one-day training at the Science Faculty of the Aix-Marseille University (Marseille - Luminy). Somehow, we failed to have the evaluation forms filled in at the end of the day. As the Training Dept. required these forms, we had to find an alternate solution that would work for the people that had to leave the training in a hurry. »

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