About me

My name is Jean-Marc MEESSEN. I am from what is called an “old generation”.

I was lucky to see and participate to a lot of great technological adventures. Just to name a few, I have seen the birth of Personal Computing, word processing, eMail, the World Wide Web, mobile Internet, Linux. Docker, DevOps, etc.

I always had a foot in Ops and Development with a focus on making the life of both sides better by automating and improving the build, the testing, the deployment and configuration of both test and production environement. I was loyal for 28 years to a Company I helped to grow from local belgian (Bancontact) to european electronic payment processor (Worldline-Equens). Then I discovered that I was not too old for the excitement and adventure of young companies: I joined Cloudbees begin 2017.

A perpetual and enthusiastic learner, admirative of all the cool stuff out there. Loves to share his discoveries and passions.